The three pools

Overview of the three pools Aerial view of the three pools Main pool Main pool surrounded by the garden The characteristic bridge on the main pool Main pool and the outdoor kitchen The outdoor kitchen on the main pool Outdoor dining table on the main pool Collection on palm trees around the pools Glimpse on the sea from the main pool The whirlpool The whirlpool The whirlpool The whirlpool The whirlpool The characteristic bridge on the main pool Night view Night view Night view with reflections Night view with reflections Night view with reflections The steps of the main pool Underwater view inside the main pool The whirlpool at night The children pool and bridge The children pool

Inside the loquat garden, a large collection of palm trees, mediterranean and tropical plants and flowers, surround a complex of three pools on three levels connected by two waterfalls.

The main pool has a perimeter overflow structure and measures 20x8 mt.

It is covered with tiles, has a depth from 1.4 mt to 2.2 mt, lane lines at the bottom and it is suited for competitive swimming. The water is constantly kept cristal clear by a computerised filtering system designed for intensive usage.

Next to to the main pool a building with toilet, showers, an external covered kitchen and an area perfect for enjoying lunches on the pool.

Underneath the characteristic wooden bridge on the main pool, a waterfall feeds a large whirlpool that can seat 12 people. From the whirlpool, the water overflows into a children pool that measures 6x3 mt. Both the whirlpool and the children pools can be heated on request.

Next to the pools area, an open gazebo large 180 m2 with wooden roof and typical sicilian shingles, creates a shaded area to relax, play and read.

Opposite the gazebo an elliptical fish pond that measures 12x6 mt, with Lotus flowers, Waterlilly (Nymphaea) and Papyrus, is populated by numerous big carps.

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