18 km, 21min
Phoenician settlement on seafront mountain.
148 km, 1h 50min
A splendid medieval small town founded by Phoenicians on top of a mount with spectacular sea view.
35 km, 40min
UNESCO cultural site.
The main town in Sicily. An art and folklore
gem. A unique blend of cultures of the many civilisations that have lived in the island over centuries.
150 km, 1h 40min
One of the most impressive archaeological sites in the Mediterranean.
38 km, 42min
UNESCO cultural site.
Norman Cathedral from 12th century. World famous, with rich Byzantine mosaics on gold background.
The Valley of Temples
154 km, 1h 50min
UNESCO cultural site. The most spectacular archeological place in the Mediterranean.
40 km, 32min
UNESCO cultural site.
World famous medieval small town on the
sea with 12th century Norman Cathedral.
Full of shops and fine restaurants.
Mount Etna
221 km, 2h 48min
UNESCO natural site. Is one of the world's most active and iconic volcanoes. The mount and the natural park are of global
significance for scientific, cultural importance and educational value.
108 km, 1h 12min
A well preserved Greek colonist’s temple in a beautiful landscape.
231 km, 2h 16min
The most important city of Magna Grecia. Greek theatre, vast archaeological site and museum.
140 km, 1h 30min
Small island with one of the most important Carthaginian towns.
233 km, 2h 20min
Wonderful Greek theatre overlooking the Etna volcano.
Villa Romana del Casale
140 km, 1h 38min
UNESCO cultural site. The largest and best-preserved Roman mosaics in the world.
256 km, 2h 30min
UNESCO cultural site. near Syracuse. Necropolis between 13th and 8th BC.
145 km, 1h 30min
Roman habitation and bath, mosaics and panoramic Greek theatre.
Val di Noto
256 km, 2h 30min
UNESCO cultural site. The eight towns in south-eastern Sicily, near and including Noto, provide
outstanding testimony to the exuberant genius of late Baroque art and architecture.